Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I wish I was the girl in your poems, not her.
I wish the chance you gave me, you did not give her.
I wish the way you met me, you did not meet her.
I wish I wasn't the one who got hurt.

I wish I can change it, but then it wouldn't be me.
I wish I wasn't what I used to be.
I wish it was diferrent, but then again why.
I wish you were younger or older was I.

I wish it didn't come to an end so fast.
Seeing you with another lover, does not give me a blast.
I wish I didn't regret our affair, but I do.
The end came so fast and out of the blue.

I wish I told you about your amazing soul.
I wish I never was that cold.
I wish I never saw you again.
I'm getting these flashbacks but then

I realize I should move on
I know nothing else could be done.
Someone is going to write a poem for me.
Someone who is more or less meant to be.

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