Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Night.

I become alive at night.
Sitting in the dark feels right.
Sleep time never comes.
By the thought my head burns.

Sleeping is for the dead.
For others it’s like bread.
Daylight makes me want
Do the contact and then bond.

Darkness is my best friend.
Inspiring until it ends.
Candles burn all night.
Charming as the moon light.

You can hear every noise.
Knocking on the door like boys.
Loneliness has never been more attractive
Hearing my own heartbeat.

Diving on my own.
Feeling strong.
Go away and close the door.
Do nothing more.

Forget the world, the rules.
Look up into the sky.
The moon, the stars.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I remember them.
Like it was yesterday.
Like they are still here.

I love them.
I miss them.
We weren’t that close.
Not the last years.

I never stopped loving them.
They loved me, too.
I didn’t want them to go.
But they did.

I loved their white hair.
I loved their eyes.
You could see everything in their eyes.
The pain. The struggle. Love, always.

We used to go on a flower hunt.
Play chess. Walk in the park.
Tell funny stories.
Have fun.

They took care of me.
They only wanted to see me smile.
Their biggest goal.
Nothing else mattered.

Then I saw them fade away.
One after another.
She was struggling.
He was fighting for her.

He lost.
Then he lost again.
Both of them are gone.
I lost. Twice.

A watch and a coat.
That’s what they left me.
And I will never forget.

Life happened.
Happens to all of us.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Until it happens again.

For a moment I was gone.
I thought I will never come back.
Come back to the real world.
I was there, somewhere else.

Or was that the real world?
And the dream is now?
Who knows?
Keep it a secret.

It was amazing. I was happy.
I was on top of the world.
It was so overwhelming.
The feeling inside me.

It was so strong that I never want to go back.
My body was there, not my soul.
Noone could hear me.
And I had so much to say.

A moment later it was all gone.
The happiness is till here.
In the real world.
The other place is gone.

I don't want to go back.
It was too good.
I had everything and nothing.
I had everyone and noone.

It was so strong.
It's gonna last for years.
Emotions I never felt before.
I will keep them.

I will use them.
Power, happiness and control.
And noone to share with.
Simply because it was my imagination.

I hope noone ever feels the same.
It's too lonely out there.
I am happy now. Here.
Everyone should feel only that.

Untill it happens again.