Sunday, February 17, 2013


I remember them.
Like it was yesterday.
Like they are still here.

I love them.
I miss them.
We weren’t that close.
Not the last years.

I never stopped loving them.
They loved me, too.
I didn’t want them to go.
But they did.

I loved their white hair.
I loved their eyes.
You could see everything in their eyes.
The pain. The struggle. Love, always.

We used to go on a flower hunt.
Play chess. Walk in the park.
Tell funny stories.
Have fun.

They took care of me.
They only wanted to see me smile.
Their biggest goal.
Nothing else mattered.

Then I saw them fade away.
One after another.
She was struggling.
He was fighting for her.

He lost.
Then he lost again.
Both of them are gone.
I lost. Twice.

A watch and a coat.
That’s what they left me.
And I will never forget.

Life happened.
Happens to all of us.

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